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Welcome it is traditional culture in Japan to the world of
"the tea ceremony charcoal"

The beautiful "tea ceremony charcoal" which is called the chrysanthemum-shaped charcoal is used in The tea party.
The manners are established in the Azuchimomoyama era by Rikyu Senno, and the tea ceremony is inherited.
I perform manners to add charcoal to a fire pot and a furnace before tea etiquette of the tea preparation to raise temperature of hot water of the teakettle at the current tea ceremony and say this with charcoal etiquette of the tea preparation.
The first charcoal means that I invite a visitor and cure charcoal before tea and I perform strong tea and say what I add charcoal to before putting up the next weak powdered tea with a manner of adding charcoal afterwards.
It is done with the behavior that I perform conduct hanging the teakettle which I pour the first charcoal as manners of a husband shown in front of a visitor and put famous clear water in and can bear for the appreciation of the visitor and the charcoal etiquette of the tea preparation is connected to ash-shaped inspection.
the predominating charcoal of the tea ceremony charcoal has trunk charcoal, ring charcoal, percent charcoal, toy mallet charcoal, a cut charcoal for the tea ceremony, and there is much kunugi and the raw wood is used.
A name or the dimensions of these charcoal are different each in a school of the tea ceremony and I cut it in total and prepare it in it.
In addition, there is charcoal to attach charcoal to a decoration purpose when I can go to The furnace, and to use (white, black, branch two of them, branch three)